“It would be simpler if entrepreneurship were a science, with clear paths and recipes to follow. But it is not. Being an entrepreneur requires constant learning, vision, imagination, adaptability and most of all, unbreakable will.”


What makes me tick:

the will to improve myself through improving the world

Mantra: “There is nothing to fear but the fear itself”

Orientation: “Future”

Drive: “Passion”

Dreams: Creating a significant global company

Further studying philosophy and history

Finishing my book about different worlds we live in at the same time and space

What I like most about myself:

interest in such a wide range of fields which often gives me a unique insight

Exchanging views with incredible people

Walking through virtually reconstructed streets of the city of Königsberg

No one is going to outwork outlearn me

insight through advice

We live in ever-faster changing environment that is presenting us with new challenges and changes on a daily bases. If we recognize them as opportunities, we may yet shape them into ideas on how to solve our or someone else's problem. Here is where our path starts.


If an idea seems worth pursuing to you, then you won't consider countless hours of researching and learning to be work. Should it become clear, that your idea is not viable, you won't feel down, as you have just increased the chances of your next one. I for one firmly believe in learning by doing.


In case you come up with market feasible business plan, others' doubts won't affect your determination or instill fear in you. You've done your homework, facts are on your side and you're lead by a vision. Your vision. Which some won't even understand, let alone instill their support. Such vision is needed, as it will give you necessary patience for smaller obstacles on your path, but be careful that it doesn't blind you from a need to change course. Latter is a necessity sooner or later. Stubbornness in their opinion on what market wants in every novice entrepreneur is peculiar. We all went through it. And failed because of it.


Ego of yours is to be watched at all times, it can help you through a rough patch, but can also easily jeopardize your success. Dismissing an insightful suggestion just because its origin is not you is disastrous in the long run. I don't really understand this natural response of feeling weak when accepting help, but every entrepreneur must overcome it rather quickly. Building a business is about connecting the dots into a success story, not an IQ contest. Even in this highly condensed belief story of mine, this deserves so much attention.


Even before you achieve success, you realize, why there are so many job-seekers and so few entrepreneurs. Or more Kia's than Maserati's. Ultimately, it isn’t that easy. Most of all it requires a mental leap from what we have been taught at school; so frightened to fail  that we didn't even try to do it a little differently. Plus most of the education system is outdated. To competitively run a business, a most current knowledge is required. Knowing all that, we can all but admire entrepreneurial traits in others and try to learn from them.


With these raw bases covered, we come to the most important entrepreneurial trait in my opinion. Persistence! When you get criticized, stigmatized by those close to you as a dreamer, when you are having out-of-money experience, etc. Persist! Some top entrepreneurs have ultra-luxurious lifestyles, some are like Uncle Scrooge, some are thin, some are fat, and so on and on, but! Persistence is what they all share!

my interests

Archeology Architecture Art Aviation Comics Design Economics Education Fashion History Literature

Lost civilizations Opera Philosophy Sociology Sport Technology UX design

what I value most in others

Attention to detail Focus Honesty Integrity Intelligence Open-mindedness Trustworthiness Vision