free ideas

Pick my brain for free. Some of my ideas I want to see developed and don't have the time to do it.


Use them at your convince, and if you do, let me know that you did - gain not only an early user, but a devout evangelist!

The Time Machine

Because the vast majority of my time these days is devoted to the making of a Time Machine, from recreating the Ancient World sites, technologically empowering the remains and stories form the Days of Yore. Also working on a modern history AR mobile game(VR version for remote travel) using GPS to display and gather on-location bits.

Block-chain powered parallel communication channel. Ultimate free speech platform.


For every news article, online video, basically everything with a web-link, a discussion could be had on, kind of a 21st century IRC room - one for every web address. Simply copy a link!


Unlimited free speech! Only 98% of negative votes can remove a post. No big tech censorship, no monetization-unfriendly limitations.


The entire world would enjoy the privileges that US citizens have thanks to 2nd Amendment.


An on-line platform that extinguishes the need for a middle-man, directly connecting consumer with food producers, with respect to geolocation, saving time and money.

Reserve and pay for for apples from a farmers market, get honey delivered to your home, etc.


A premium track-your-veggies service from seedling to your doorstep.

Scan a QR code and access video footage of your food from seedling to harvest, processing and storage.

Chemical analysis of the soil before/after harvesting. Every single tiniest detail logged, every second accounted for. Know what you eat!



Play real-life chess with your buddy over great distances. Literally move the pieces, instead of tapping on a screen, or with a mouse. As your opponent makes a move, his piece moves in the real world. Magnet-powered, sensor enabled. Both can have this hardware, or only one, and other (poor man) plays on the phone/tablet.


Real-time dayligt lamp. Set a location, like in your weather app, and this lamp will produce exactly the kind of light (gathering data from a weather service) that is illuminating said location.

Be it sunny, rainy, foggy. WindowLamp reproduces!

Missing your friend in a far-away place? Set the lamp to his location and FEEL his time-zone. Does wonders in a room without a real window!

Traveling alone? Need some cool Instagram pics? Find a photography buddy to take photos of each other!

Find exact photo locations trending in an area! Get hashtag suggestions, most liked photos of the spot.


Game space with hydraulic floor tiles, capable of adjusting height, adapting live environment in real time. Have walls and stairs grow out of the floor!

VR headset wearing gamer gets a never-ending real live environment, adapting itself as the game is being played, like an organic endless maze.

Throw in an awesome sound system, an inconspicuous water spray, a fume dispenser for the smell of gasoline, gunpowder, smoke..


Mattress, segmented to dozens of circular areas, fully adaptive in real time, live motion-capture analysis of a position in which you are currently sleeping, calculating the best configuration of the mattress for ideal spine position in real time.


Tablet app, utilizing geolocation to provide a location-relavant gamified learning experience. Recognize real landscape features in photos and vice versa.

Club Tesla

Nightclub with both real Tesla coils and Van Den Graaf generators (completely safe applications are beginning to go mainstream already), and special effects designed to mimic electricity bolts and flashes.

All with DMX sound sync, naturally.

Combined with blacklight reactive props of all sorts, and drinks like blue-glowing Gin Tonic; you've got a pretty energetic party atmosphere!